Preheated capsules at body temperature = decreased sensitivity to injection.

An early caries detection is the most effective way to treat dental disease. Caries which is detected at an early stage, can often be reversed by a simple remineralization treatments.  By doing this, you will be spared in the future of expensive and unpleasant recovery procedures. Thanks to the intraoral camera, you can see live images from your mouth. The pre- and post-situation can be explained on the basis of pictures taken in the mouth.

In the practice, there is a digital device that determines the color of your teeth. When a crown or a bridge is cut, it is important that the color of the piece matches optimally the color of your other teeth. In the past, a color determination was made on the basis of a manual color scale. This digital color registration is now not only more accurate (there may appear even different shades), but also faster. The color determination is sent electronically to the lab.